Helena's Wrath

Helena’s Wrath is a trading boat for The Servants of Brevoy traiding company. A large advanced ship, it has room for 20 crewmen.

The employees of The servents of Brevoy all make their living on commision and only gets payd if they deliver the goods. Attracting a chaotic crowd without any family or other obligations stopping them from taking on missions witch can take many mounth’s to complete. Some are crimminals escaping Brevoy justice others are hard working men in love with the job’s sense of adventure.

The employees come and go, and it’s not unusual for the captain to recruit new members after they reach their destination. When the workers are paid they often turn to other jobs in the area, or starting as pathfinders.

Captain Bainbridge has been the captain of this ship for over 20 years. He is getting old but says he still have 20 more years until he will retire. He named the ship after his ex-wife

Quartermaster Veroth A drunk.

Helena's Wrath

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